Quicktime X and Quicktime 7 not reading hm100's "quicktime licensed" .mov files?!
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My new computer can't read the .mov movies taken straight from the HM100 — "The document 'example.mov' could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that QuickTime Player understands." Quicktime Player Version 10.0 (126). When I try to open it in Quicktime Player 7, it says "additional software is required...may be available from QT components page". Dropping it into FCP 6 gives "You may be using a codec without the corresponding hardware card"

.mov format: XDCAM EX, little endian.
Computer: OSX 10.6.6
Quicktimes: Quicktime Player 10.0 and Quicktime Player 7.6.6
Installed: Perian 1.2.1, FCP 6.0

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Which version of FCP exactly? Apparently full XDCAM EX support didn't come until 6.0.3 so you may need to update.
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Response by poster: It just says Final Cut Pro 6.0. Also, I've just checked on another computer, and it works on that:

OSX 10.5.8
Final Cut Pro 6.0 (the same version: I just installed the same software on the 2nd computer)
Quicktime Player Pro 7.6.9
Also has Perian 1.2.1 installed
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Do you have VLC installed, or can you install it? Assuming you can play it in VLC, you can also convert it to friendlier codec. The extra step is probably not a good permanent solution, but if you need to see/edit something right now I'd be happy to type up how to convert to something QT/FCP friendly with VLC.
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Have you tried running an update on FCP as caek suggests? If that didn't work you may need to reinstall FCP (and then update).

If you don't have QT Pro on the machine you are trying to use (you didn't note that it was the Pro version, but did for the second machine), it probably means that FCP was not installed properly. A proper install of FCP will give you the codecs you need.

It's worth knowing that QT not being able to open XDCAM encoded .mov files is normal, you shouldn't expect to send someone a XDCAM encoded file and have them be able to play it.

Do you have the XDCAM clip browser from Sony? Can you open the files in that? It's kind of hard to find (thanks Sony), and I can't point you to a link right now, but worth having.
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This Quicktime component looks like it should handle your codec. Once you install it, you should be able to use your files with anything that uses Quicktime.
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So, we got the hm100 because it means we don't have to continually re-encode movies (it boasts that as it has licensed Apple's Quicktime codec, it's just "drag and drop" into fcp).

So, I've not tried running an update on fcp, but as it worked on the other computer (10.5.8), which was using FCP 6.0, I don't see why it shouldn't work with the same set up on the later computer (10.6.6).

Bug138, that quicktime component does work, but it is asking for $138 to remove the junk it puts on screen for its demo version. Ouch!
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Sorry - I should also mention I'm with Chris — we're doing this project together
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Did you 'install' FCP on the newer machine by dragging/dropping the application over from the older one, or a similar method? If you did not do a proper install (which I know is a pain, with all of the discs involved...I've done it many times over the years) of FCP then you are missing the needed codec.

Read my earlier post. I don't know how the hm100 is marketed but you cannot open XDCAM files on standard issue quicktime. The files do have complete compatibility with FCP (at least with a late enough version, which it sounds like you have), but the application needs to be properly installed (and may need an update, though it sounds like not since you got it to work on the older machine). If you did install the application, from the discs, did you update your OS or change users or any thing like that afterwards? Re-install (or update).
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