Because the $641 plane ticket is too expensive.
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I want to donate towards the fight in Wisconsin, as there is no way to be there myself. What organization should I donate to?

Online donation would be best, but I'm open to anything.
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The thread on the blue has a couple links; I've chosen this one to recall the eight Senators who voted this through.
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The Madison IWW branch is taking donations for their solidarity efforts.
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I can't find anything yet, but there will be special interest spending in the upcoming (April 5) election for Wis Supreme Court. The democrat is JoAnne Kloppenburg, and a win would flip the balance of the court to Democrats and possibly influence whether the union busting bill is upheld as legal or not. But both canidates are taking public financing so cannot accept direct contributions. It's unclear which groups will start spending money, but we should know very soon.
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It would depend on which side you want to fight on. You do not say in your question.
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It would depend on which side you want to fight on. You do not say in your question.

My apologies. I'm on the side of supporting unions and against Walker, et al.
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I sent a pizza down to the protesters. A little warm food might help lift their spirits. We tried to do it a second time, but the pizza place we used said they were overwhelmed had sent so much food they weren't sure if people were going to eat it all.
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