What shoes should I buy?
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I have a burning ache in the outer edge of both feet most nights. It centers on a point about halfway down where there is a little bump. From what I can figure out online I think it may be peroneal insertional tendonitis. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this problem and what shoes I might buy to alleviate the problem.
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I experience this occasionally, or something similar. Stretching helps. Try touching your toes and/or doing standing calf stretches in the morning and sometime before you go to bed.
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It is on the outside or inside of your foot? If it's on the outside, it could very well be a Tailor's Bunionette.
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I've had what you describe happen to my left foot (burning pain at the base of the 5th metatarsal bone where the peroneal tendons attach. In my case, I remember the pain going part way up the ankle as well. I stopped running for two months and it went away. I switched to Vibram Bikilas (barefoot shoes) and payed closer attention to my form after that. My personal (unscientific, art-schooled) opinion is that I was in the habit of pushing off with the base of my big toe, instead of spreading the weight across the ball of my foot. When I started running barefoot, I discovered there was a plantar wart in the ball of my foot and I had been unconsciously shifting my gait to avoid putting pressure on it.

When you walk, try favouring the outsides of your feet a bit more. I know it seems wrong to be putting weight onto the side of the foot that's giving you trouble but I think the peroneal muscles work to stabilize the ankle, pulling up on the outside to force the inside of the foot downwards. Concentrate on spreading your weight evenly across the ball of your foot and don't press down with your toes.
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A physical therapist or a good remedial massage therapist should be able to help you
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