Recomendations for late night daycare in Newark, DE?
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I am looking for for a daycare provider in the Newark, Delaware area that would care for a child after 9pm. Any recommendations?

Right now the child to be watched is under 2 years old. Three to four days a week the child would need to be watched until at least 9:30, possibly 10 depending on how far from Newark. The daycare facility does not have to be in Delaware, but should be within a 40 minute drive of Newark. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated.
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My wife works in daycare - not near you though. I don't think I've ever seen a traditional daycare facility that regularly stays open that late. Sometimes near malls or other nightlife focused areas you may find one that offers late night hours on the weekend. I think your best bet will be to look for somebody to provide care in your home. You don't say when the care needs to start. 2 - 10 PM is a very different thing than 6 AM - 10 PM each day.

I really hope it's not the latter though. If your life is requiring 16 hours a day right now, you might consider letting your child live with grandparents or some other relative for a while. I think it'll be healthier for the child, and less stressful for you.
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I don't know about Delaware, but there are daycares near us that are open until midnight during the week, I assume to cater to people who do shift work. The state or county should have websites where you can search for daycare providers to ensure that they are licensed. That would be a good place to start - it should also help you find in-home day cares you might otherwise have missed.
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I think that daycares near hospitals may be your best bet for being open that late.
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You might look at Sitter City or - In-your-home or In-home daycare might be a better (or more flexible) option than a day-care facility.
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