Where can I have custom merit badges made?
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Where can I have custom merit badges (preferably in small batches) made to order online?

I'd like to design some embroidered cloth badges that look like traditional Boy Scout/Girl Scout merit badges and have them printed for a small number of people (1-20 at a time). Is there anywhere online that will do this for me?

Some examples of merit badges:
Nerd ones
Boy scout ones
Female ones

I've read all these, but I'm NOT interested in pins/buttons--only embroidered cloth badges--and none of the places mentioned in these questions carry/make cloth badges.
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Best answer: Googling "custom embroidered patch" yields a bunch of options with lot sizes in the range of what you are discussing. Is there a reason why these won't work for you?
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Response by poster: Only my narrowminded insistence on "badge" as a search term. Thanks!
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If you want to make your own like we did as kids, here are the easy-peasy instructions:

Cut circles out of felt and white plastic grocery bags.

Using markers, color and write on the plastic bag circle.

Place the plastic bag circle on the felt circle. On top of that place a piece of parchment paper.

Iron it all with a hot iron without steam.

Sew on to uniform.
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