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I recently lost a whole bunch of weight and have reached the point where tailoring my suits would just make them look absurd. Awesome, because someone gets new-to-them suit and I get to buy new clothing. Fun! But, I've been thinking I should invest in awesome suits for the reboot. askme led me to some google search where I found priceyoursuit. Have you ever used them? Know people who have? Opinions? Know of other/better companies like this that will make ladies business suits for me at crazy reasonable prices and of high quality so probably located East of me? And I don't have to travel there to get 'em?
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Priceyoursuit sounds like a scam.

You mentioned you work in DC. Do you have any small chance whatsoever to get your company to pay for travel to Asia? Specifically China, Vietnam or Cambodia.

From my tiny experience in these matters, it seems cheaper to spend $1500 on a flight to Hanoi, drive out to a nice vendor, and get measured and get eight or nine outstanding suits and fly back than it is to buy suits in the US. You shouldn't spend more than $75-100 apiece. The silk is to die for, the colors are breathtaking.

Anecdotally: My cousin's husband was FSO in Phnom Peng and spent like $40-50 a suit for some sharp ass suits. He's kind of a short guy, and these suits are cut so well. The handiwork is really astounding.

Anecdote #2: I bought a pair of dress shoes in PP that not only fit my goofy ass feet, but I seriously can and have shot hoops in them. I overspent at $35.
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Dammit, you didn't mention DC, it's in your profile.
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Does Maxwell's come to DC?

Beyond that, if you're planning on getting multiple suits Sphinx is right--it's cheaper to fly to Vietnam and get them made there, even with airfare and expenses factored in.
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Never heard of priceyoursuit before, but from the contact us page, it's apparently just a website of a tailor in Bangkok. I doubt it's a scam, although I'd be concerned about quality and fit when ordering over the internet. If I were you, I might order a couple pieces, and if the results look good, then only then buy in any quantity. It would be more fun to fly to Asia, as others are suggesting, but I can't believe this would be cheaper than buying over the internet.
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Are you at a weight that you will be comfortable staying at? If your weight loss was very recent I would perhaps wait a good amount of time ( a few months) before investing in more than one high-quality suit. Congratulations on losing so much, though!
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wow, that website sucks. really had me going with their prices and designs, but the shipping fee was very high, so it only made sense if you ordered a lot of stuff at once, and that kind of threw me off. I do plan to revisit it, when I have the time to figure that out.
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It would be more fun to fly to Asia, as others are suggesting, but I can't believe this would be cheaper than buying over the internet.

It would be cheaper than many options that involve visiting a tailor in person in the USA.

I'm always wary of "sending off your measurements" over the internet and expecting to get something back that's reasonable (though men's suit maker "Thick as Thieves" does this and seems to get positive reviews from customers-- this is in part because he will discuss it with you personally over email). Made-to-measure/custom clothing works best when the tailor himself is taking your measurements, even if he's sending those measurements off to an off-site tailor... and even then it works best when you can revisit that tailor with the completed garment and have him re-evaluate the measurements and see what needs to be adjusted. And only THEN, once that process is done, would I trust remotely-ordering a custom-made outfit with the full suite of measurements taken over time.

Also, the interface in priceyoursuit is terrible.
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