How did I get dermatographia?
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First I had a really bad case of scabies on my hands and feet. Then, I got a really, really bad sunburn on the entire back side of my body (damn you, tanning salon!). Now, I have been diagnosed with dermatographia- and it's been here for about three weeks. Doc says it's not serious, but I'm still curious how on earth I got it and whether or not it will ever go away.
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I wouldn't be surprised if you triggered an allergic reaction to the cream or the pills they gave you to deal with the scabies. I know my skin felt like it was on fire for weeks after taking ivermectin to deal with with scabies.
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I need to comment on the mention of the tanning salon. Look here and may other locations on the web as to the danger of, and what a bad idea it is to use tanning salons....I hope that you resolve the dermatographia
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I've got dermatagaphia. I got it when i came down with a fairly horrific illness on the way back from italy, and it's been with me ever sense.

I take allegra every day to deal with the hives, and simply have to be smart enough to not scratch my arms or i break out.

Apparently I got it because my immune system got so hammered while i was sick. It's a side effect from your immune system getting a workout. (That's what my doc told me)

I've had it for close to 2 years.. It's better than it used to be, but i still get hives every now and then..

Just don't scratch your arms if they get itchy (My hands are actually the worst)..
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I have a horrible skin allergy, I don't even know what it is... I've been through treatments for scabies and that didn't help. The rash only comes up on the back of my hands and sometimes the tops of my feet. Occasionally it looks like miniature hives... more often it's a tiny round ball that when popped leaks clear fluid. I keep Benadryl in business. I definitely sympathize with your skin woes!

Anyways, may I recommend Band-Aid brand anti-itch gel. It comes in a clear tube with a green cap and is the BEST anti-itch topical ointment I've ever found. It was formerly known as Rhuli gel.
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Indigorain - i have what you have, and have been desperately trying to identify it. email me if you ever find a name for it (email is in profile)
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Okay, I will... I have no health insurance right now or I'd go back to the dermatologist and make him take a skin scraping.
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Indigorain and quibx, I get that too!

Itchy tops of my feet all summer long, itchy backs of hands all winter long! Drives me nuts and it is getting worse!

I have found that stopping using soap makes a big difference; I have tried using soap-free cleansers, and that helps, so does moisturiser, but it's still a big problem. I did once get prescribed a little steroid cream for my hands and that worked wonders, seems to work on my feet too. I think it's a sort of dermatitis but I'm not sure what.

Using soap-free cleansers has definitely helped a lot with my hands, also avoiding washing too much and avoiding doing too much washing up. Nowadays my hands are only mildly affected, but my feet are problematic. Sandals help. Washing sandals helps. Not using neoprene-backed sandals helps (I think that keeps the sweat in). But even with frequent sandal washing I still get it! Only now that it's got too cold to wear sandals am I finally getting some relief from the itchy feet tops.
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