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How much would it cost, annually, to have a 1-800 number for a weekly, hour long public access show, so long distance callers can dial in? Let's assume that all the callers call the toll free number.
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This site (first google result) suggests $10/month and 5.5 cents/minute during the call.

So...120 bucks plus however many minutes it's used? Plus whatever fees they're hiding in the fine print.
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If you google "voip 800 number" or "voip toll-free number" you'll find more options. I've used Grasshopper, but would think that's one of the pricier options.
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My parents have paid I think $12 per month on top of the regular phone account (that is, it would cost them more if they didn't have the other services they have.) I remember it being pretty pricey per minute in the late 1990s (when I was in college) but now that none of us kids need it much, it's more like $.08/minute.
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Callcentric has them for $3.95/month and $0.029/min.

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VoIP.ms has them for $0.99/month plus $0.024/min.
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why did you use grasshopper if it was pricier? was it more reliable or valuable in some way?
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