What should we charge to teach a class?
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My small IT services firm is being asked to bid for a contract for an ongoing MS Office training class. What is the going rate for this sort of training?

We are being asked to provide one trainer to conduct a weekly 2-hour class for approximately 10 adults. Classroom and computers are provided. We will be creating or providing the curriculum and the actual teacher. Topic will be training on various MS Office programs.
We know what we bill for doing support or consultancy work, but have no idea what the market rate is for group training of this sort.
We are in the urban midwest of the USA.
Can anyone let me know what sort of rate structure prevails for this kind of contract?
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Why not try calling around to an existing training firm and find out how they handle it? Someplace like New Horizons or Element K, perhaps.
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Here in the UK, most IT training companies will charge a base rate per day, enough to cover costs plus a small profit, and on top of that a smaller per-student fee.

So training to a group of 2 would be a bit cheaper than a support/consultancy day but training a group of 10 would be more expensive than a support/consultancy day.
Training is much more effective with groups sized around 5 to 8 people so this structure is setup to encourage that. With a flat rate your customers would just try to cram as many people into the room as possible.

If a trainee doesn't show up, charge one less per-student fee, if they add an extra person at the last minute, add on one more per-student fee. (this is why you need an attendance sheet)

Other things to consider: who will provide the software licences and who will own copyright to the training materials.
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