Inline Skate Marathon Prep
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Need some advice for a inline skate/rollerblade marathon.

-I'm interested in other people's training schedules. I found a few on the internet but would like to hear from people who actually skated one

-Are there special wheels or bearings I should get?

-The marathon said its rain or shine. I can't really imagine skating in the rain, don't your wheels slip? Again - do I need special wheels?

-What is an average time to finish? I don't care to be the fastest but have no idea how much time it should take. So far I've done ten miles at conversational pace without feeling like I was really pushing myself. As soon as I go faster I can barely skate 1/2 a mile and keep that pace.

-My skates are probably 8 years old - pretty well used. Should I be getting new bearings or just cleaning mine? Any good advice for cleaning them.

-I've never really done endurance sports? Do I have to worry about eating special things that day or whatever? I mean I figure its a lot less intense then running a marathon.
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I've done a few inline marathons with zero training, and it's not a problem at all. If you're in decent shape, you could head out and easily do it in two hours, maybe two and a half if you're really taking it easy. I also did it in a pair of old skates that were nothing special, just signed up on a whim. If your skates are eight years old and you've never cleaned your bearings, that's a good idea. (Though I cleaned my bearings for the first time the night before a race and one of them was never quite right after that, so...) I'd also take a good look at how worn the wheels are, and whether it might be worth replacing them. But really, I wouldn't stress about it. If your skates feel good to you on a ten-mile skate, just go with it.

The worst part of skating a marathon is the road surface. If you're used to skating on paved paths, prepare for your feet to go a little numb with the feel of the bumpy street pavement. But if it's raining, that actually works to your advantage because your wheels won't slip much.

I have also run a marathon, and can say that skating a marathon is WAY less intense. Like, not even the same category at all. If you've skated ten miles, you're already way ahead of where I was the first time I did an inline marathon, and I did just fine and had fun!

Find a pocket where you can stash a Clif bar or something, make your breakfast something that'll give you energy without being too heavy or upsetting your stomach. (I like oatmeal and a banana.) It's only about two hours worth of race time, so you don't need to stress too much about it unless you're trying to compete, and on eight-year-old skates, it doesn't sound like you are. Talk to your fellow racers, and have a good time!
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Response by poster: hmm i feel like i was going much slower than doing a pace to do 26 miles in 2.5 hrs. I'll have to time myself next time.
Thanks for your input.
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