Help! Photos trapped inside my camera!!
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Can someone point me in the direction of a driver that will work in Vista to allow me to get my photos off my camera?

Bought a 2nd hand Canon EOS 10D off eBay, but my laptop (HP/COmpaq running Vista) won't recognise it when its plugged in by USB.

Camera comes with CF cards. Laptop does not have CF card reader. I have a USB cable that connects Camera to laptop, but my laptop doesn't notice that anything is even plugged in. I'm guessing there's either a driver I need to download, or some function of the camera that I'm missing that will allow me to transfer photos from the CF card to laptop.

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Best answer: I'm gonna say the answer is on this page, just select Windows Vista from the list of operating systems. There's choices in there for the ZoomBrowser program, which you probably need, as well as the RAW Codec. Get the latest versions of both of those, and try it out. If for some reason the USB port is dead (used off eBay, that's a possibility) just get a cheap CF reader for USB.
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My camera (not a Canon) has a setting that makes it show up as a memory stick. Perhaps yours is in the other mode which I think makes it appear as a camera so it can stuff directly to a printer.
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Here's a stupid thing that has driven me crazy enough to check it first now: Try another USB cable.
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