Is there an add-on that allows text to be written over a website?
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Is there an add-on for Internet Explorer or Firefox that would allow me to write text on top of the website and then print the site with the text? I have to search records in an online database and then after printing make notations on them; it'd be very handy if I could type the notations straight from the browser.
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I think the search term you are looking for is "annotate". Here are a couple of firefox extensions. 1 2.
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I just whipped up a bookmarklet that can do this: annotate. Drag it to your bookmark bar, and click it when you're on the page you want to annotate. Type in your text, and it will put it it on top of the page.
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Scrapbook can do this. You can attach notes anywhere on a page, and highlight text.
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If you use Safari Coda Notes would work.
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I'm having trouble with the bookmarklet zsazsa crafted, it's just coming up [object]. Am I missing a step?
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I tried zsazsa's cool bookmarklet on Chrome/Windows. It works fine for me. You have to go to this page and drag the link at the bottom to your bookmarks bar. Is this what you are doing?
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Hi, I made it in Chrome and didn't bother to test in IE or Firefox. It's probably an easy fix... I'll check back in here when I get some time to test it out.
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