help me travel the world!
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looking for a nice personalized/custom travel map

After days of searching I found these: 1, 2 and 3, which are pretty much exactly what i'm looking for - a map that lets me chart my travels, but i'm wondering if there's anything a little... cooler? or prettier?
i would be open to a globe version too, though i haven't found any examples of that (but not a map that i can customize online, since i want to display it in my home).
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Try Raven maps. I think they have a site online.
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they do! thanks.
i guess i can choose the laminated versions to hang on the wall and use dry-erase markers to track travels.
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Wow. Expensive maps.

For those more budget minded: I found a very pretty world map at a thrift store for $10 and used a $3 package of tiny red stickers to mark places I've been to. That thing was huge. I hung it in my long, otherwise boring hallway. I'm thinking of asking my friends to mark where THEY have been using tiny blue stickers, just for fun.
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Sidebar: TripAdvisor has a really nice interactive travel map you can work on. You can add pins really easily and accurately due to suggestive search. Also, you can embed the map other places like a blog or on your Facebook. It might be nice to keep a digital version as well as an actual map hanging on your wall.
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