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Please help me create a dated folder (Windows 7).

I'd like to have a context menu option or keyboard shortcut that creates a folder in the currently selected Windows Explorer window with the current date as its name, e.g., 3.1.2011 for today.

I considered:
  • Autohotkey
  • Something like this (but for Win 7)
What's the best way to go about this? Note that I do not need/want to create one per day (no need for a batch), this should be on-the-fly/discretionary.

I have experience doing this using Outlook VBA to store email attachment files, but the thing here is that I want to do it without reliance on anything but the current context (currently selected Windows Explorer window).

Hit me with your best! Thanks in advance.
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But wouldn't it be better to create the date in a format that sorts better? 20110302?

I dont' actually know how to do this though.
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Best answer: I believe Windows 7 creates a new folder in Windows Explorer when you hit Ctrl+Shift+N, with the name highlighted so typing it in. So this AutoHotkey script should map Ctrl+Alt+F to making a new folder with the date in the format you mentioned (although I haven't tested it on Windows 7). You might need to put in a pause or something if it's typing the date too fast before the folder is created.

Send ^+n
Send %A_MM%.%A_DD%.%A_YYYY%{Return}

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here is a SuperUser post on customizing a Windows Explorer menu item to call 7Zip with the current date used as parameters. Should be simple to change that to calling the md (make directory) command with the date string that you like.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. I appreciate your input (mary8nne you're right, that's my new strategy though I never have needed to sort these folders so far :)

Here's my script for posterity:

WinGetActiveTitle aTitle
FileCreateDir %aTitle%\%A_YYYY%.%A_MM%.%A_DD%

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Response by poster: Oh, and in case it's not obvious, that is an AutoHotkey script
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