I'm having trouble uploading multiple files to a Go Daddy site.
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I'm having trouble uploading multiple files to a Go Daddy site.

I'm trying to upload all the required Expression Engine files to a Go Daddy hosted site (I know - not the best place, but it's cheap and the client wanted it) - here's the problem: when uploading an entire directory of files, the server seems to choke and slow to a crawl, even losing the connection and failing on some files. All the files only total 12MB but it took nearly 4 hours and was still not a successful transfer. Convinced it was Go Daddy's server causing the problem, I called support and was told they tested a 20 MB upload and it went in a flash with no problem. I then thought I'd try uploading a 10 MB zip file and it went quick and smooth.

So, what's causing multiple file uploads to act differently than one equally sized file and how can I fix this?

Also - I've tried 3 different ftp clients and there's no difference. Other sites hosted at Go Daddy don't seem to have this problem.
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Have you tried setting maximum simultaneous FTP connections in your client to a low number, like 2?
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