old chicago goth store
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In the 90s there was a small store specializing in industrial and goth music a few doors down (east) from the Abbott hotel on Belmont in Chicago. It is no longer there but I don't know when it went out of business. Does anyone remember the name of it?
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I don't know Chicago addresses, but Wax Trax was the big industrial label and Chicago record store that I knew of in the '90s.
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I remember a place called Moon Mystique.
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The Alley? Taboo Taboo?
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Evil Clown?
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It's none of those. I don't remember the name either (except that it's none of those), but the guys at Metal Haven probably do -- they're further down the block, near Broadway.
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Best answer: Argh, I know the one you're talking about -- it had a giant Skinny Puppy logo neon in the window. Can't remember the name, though!
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Response by poster: me3dia - you're totally right on about the skinny puppy logo neon sign. with the name, i forgot about that, but now remember it was a blue sign.

i like how there's three of us that can't remember the name of this store.

(human flesh - i remember moon mystique now too. it was on halsted, not far from the also mentioned evil clown.
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Next door to the Metro?

Wax Trax . . . now that takes me back to my Siouxsie, Revolting Cocks and Black Flag days . . .
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Response by poster: tr33hggr - nope, same idea, but wax trax was on lincoln, and as far back as i can recall, the shop next to the metro was the clubhouse, and previously sessions skate shop (i think).
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See, the thing with that sign was that it totally overshadowed the actual name of the shop. I just thought of it as the Skinny Puppy Store.
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Best answer: If memory serves, it was called Armageddon. It may have had a couple names, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was called back in 97-98.
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Response by poster: Symeon, thanks!! This was driving me batty, and now my mind will be at rest! Did you sign up just to answer this question?

Searching for "armageddon records" belmont didn't yield much, but it did find a yahoo! groups post in which the (i think) the owner gave a history of the store (only for lame relaunch purposes). For some reason the phrase "cool gothic music at low prices" rubs me the wrong way. Peter Murphy does walmart or somesuch.

And thanks again to me3dia for the reminder of that sign.
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Glad I could help. I've been meaning to sign up since last November -- this was just the kick in the ass that I needed.
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Glad I could help, even if I didn't remember the actual name.
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