Upstate NY Camping
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Looking for camp sites within a two hour drive of NYC that have a lake and allow fishing.

We used to go to Little Pond State Park in the Catskills but they are booked solid the dates we want to go. So, what we need is a place that will allow us, 6 guys between 28 and 35, to bring in a ton of food and beer, camp in tents, be relatively loud and get some fishing done. We'd like it to be wooded if possible and we'd rather not be in the kind of place where it's a ton of giant RVs with people 'camping' in their RVs. We don't want to have to hike in five miles with all our stuff, though. Any suggestions?
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Harriman State Park
posted by modge at 1:35 PM on April 25, 2005

Bear Mountain State Park is a stone's throw from West Point.
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Another option is Round Valley Reservoir, in NJ.
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High Point State Park (NJ). You'll like it.
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I'm not sure that Harriman or the other State Parks allow beer - check to see. Why not head up towards the Catskills, Pepacton Resevoir area, upper Delawre river - great trout fishing this time of year, lots of private campgrounds as well.
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