How do you get sponsors?
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A friend of mine runs a radio show on XM and is looking to pick up a couple sponsors from magazines and other sources. We have the contact information, but need to put together some type of persuasive sponsorship proposal. We think this should look almost like a shareholder or investor proposal letter, but include information like why they'd want to sponsor his show(s), what he wants from them, etc.

We have no practical experience with obtaining sponsorships of this type. Does anyone have any advice or experience they could lend to point us in the right direction?
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I don't work in media. I just work with media people, but what I'd want to know:
* Number of listeners
* As much information about the listenership as possible; demographics, psychographics, length of time listening, etc.
* The format of the show and how it fits with my particular product (it's lively -- for energetic, exciting brands; it's serious -- for solid, dependable brands)
* How much you're asking for
* What type of mention/exposure a sponsor can expect -- what's promised, what's possible

Hope this helps.
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