How to passively track outbound clicks
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I've used's statisitcs service for years to track outbound clicks on my sites, but now Yahoo is killing the service. MyBlogLog was never especially great, but it did allow me to see the top out-clicks each day, and run reports for how how many times a given URL had been clicked in a set period of time. How can I passively track outbound clicks now?

To clarify, I know Google Analytics can do click tracking IF you do custom URLs (ie, I could create a new tracking URL for each link), but my sites have thousands of archived posts and I'm looking for a tool that will just track ALL clicks automatically and passively via a script in the template.

I've tried using this plugin, but it never worked as advertised, and my developer declared it garbage.

Mybloglog generally sucked, but it did do make click tracking very easy, and I have trouble believing it's the only service that does this! Does anyone know of a service (or a plugin that actually works) to passively track outbound clicks?
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Best answer: yeah. Install piwik just as easy as you installed wordpress and then add the tracking code to the wordpress template.

Also the official stats plugin can do that too
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Sitemeter does that.
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I love Clicky.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to report back that I'm using Piwik, and really liking it. Thanks, the mad poster!
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