Can you recommend products for a sun kissed look for a freckle face?
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Help me get a healthy glow without getting skin cancer.

With a family history of skin cancer and pale, pale freckly skin that doesn't tan, just burns, every summer I look deathly pale because everyone else around me has a tan, or at least some kind of natural glow that I can't seem to get.

I have tried many many kinds of those moisturizers that come with self tanner but they never work for me because even the lightest shades are too orange/yellow (my skin's undertones are pink, not yellow or orange). Same thing happens with bronzers - they look too fake and orange for me, though they look great on people with more of a yellow or olive skin tone.

I do embrace my paleness but I would love to get a sun-kissed look so I don't look like I spend all my time indoors. I do go outside, but I always wear sunscreen - and in any case, I burn easily.

I am looking for product recommendations for both the face and the rest of the body that might be appropriate for a freckle-face with pale skin. Thanks in advance, Hive Mind!
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You could always eat more carotenoids.
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Get thee to Sephora and ask lots of questions and ask for samples. The very knowledgeable staff there is happy to give advice and samples. You don't even have to buy from them. If you find something you like, see if it's available on-line. If you don't have a Sephora near you, find an equivalently stocked establishment and just ask them what you asked us.
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I am pale and freckle-faced as well and I like Bare Mineral's Warmth powder for my face. Gives it a nice sun-kissed glow. As for the rest of the body, I don't bother.
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I second going to Sephora. Latch onto someone you can best relate to (similar coloring if possible) and don't let go until you're sufficiently bronzed.

I'm pale, freckled and burn super easily. I don't go outside w/out wearing SPF 75, so I feel your plight. My favorite bronzer isn't really a bronzer at all. It's a blush and it doesn't look dirty on my face (you know what I'm talking about I'm sure) and it doesn't go orange either:

Benefit Dallas

I've had my container for over two years and I haven't made a dent in it. Worth every penny.
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Best answer: Also pigment-deprived. Nars Laguna bronzer looks dark in the tin but goes on perfectly!
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Best answer: Try Body Drench. It's pink, not orange. I'm not particularly concerned about looking tan, so I use it sparingly, but it brings me right out of "regular diet of arsenic" territory and safely into "leaves the house at least weekly."
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You might find some benefit in - slowly - increasing your time spent outside, and quitting sunscreen.
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