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Gmail-like "+anything@gmail.com" in cPanel?

I love the feature in gmail where you can add a +anything to the end of your username when signing up for various sites, etc. I'm wondering if there's some type of plugin or mail app for cPanel that I can install that will give me the same functionality for my own personal domains.

(Yes, I know about Google Apps, and no, I don't want to put my personal domain email on Google Apps.)
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It depends on what mail server you're controlling via your cPanel, but the general concept is "suffix addressing" or "plus addressing." The plus sign should be allowed as an email address character per the RFC (2822) at any rate.
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Are you filtering these emails, or do you just want a catch-all?

Most domains allow you to enable a "catch-all" address where all email winds up that isn't otherwise addressed.
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Oops, not domains. I meant "hosts".
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A catch-all wouldn't work unless the OP is the only user on the domain, and even then it's problematic because they would have to deal with all of the spam that goes there, too.

It looks like plus-addressing has been requested as a feature, but at least this case number has not been completed yet.
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@rhizome Awesome! At least now I have a proper name for this, which will greatly aid my searches.

@TomMelee I know about catch-alls, but that's not what I want, since I want to be able to do filtering on them like you mentioned.

@cabingirl That's too bad. It's a great feature on Gmail, and one I use all the time.

From rhizome's keyword help, I found this which, even if it doesn't solve my problem (though a 2-second skim suggests it might!) has led me down the right path.

Thanks, everyone!
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