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Looking for a video of David Cameron's (UK PM) recent announcement that private companies would be helping to reform the NHS/public sector.

I am doing a presentation about facilities companies and the NHS and I really want dramatic opening for it. I know I have seen the video I am thinking about but I have been searching for about 2 hours now and cannot find the right thing.

I think the speech or announcement was last week sometime and it was Cameron basically saying that private companies would be involved in the NHS reforms as they would be able to put money in (excuse the bad explanation but this isnt my bag).

Does anyone remember what I mean or where to find it? Or have anything else along these lines that would make a great dramatic opening.

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If it was a speech by the PM then the transcript should be here. One possible candidate, though a bit earlier than last month, is this one on modernising public services. Video here.
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I had found that one which is the closest I got, but he never mentions involving private companies specifically which is the main idea, thanks though.
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The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 had its first reading in Parliament on 19 January. It was noteworthy that the PM provided his somewhat embattled health secretary with serious air cover that day.

Check out the PM's media briefing of that day which comes close to what you are asking for. The 19th was a Wednesday, so that means PM's questions. Needless to say there were fireworks about the NHS although shadow Health Sec John Healey went with a "you're privatising the health service" approach which wasn't entirely successful, belying as it did the fact that he doesn't appear to entirely get just how fundamental Lansley's reforms are. He's in good company there, mind, along with most frontline clinicians, health service managers and pretty much every other stakeholder you can imagine. About the only two people who do are Jennifer Dixon from the Nuffield Trust and Chris Ham from the King's Fund, both of whom are openly despairing.

I think that what you have in mind is the introduction of a principle, "any willing provider". Lansley has been accused of rowing back somewhat on this notion so be careful here (see also David Nicholson's reiteration that competition within the NHS will not be on the basis of price).

'Any willing provider' is however in respect of clinical services so it's unlikely to be particularly relevant to facilities companies as usually defined - think of the membership of the British institute of facilities management. Services provided might include building security, maintence and post room services. Who the end client is, is kind of by the by - albeit there are special requirements in the health sector.

When it comes to facilities companies and the NHS, you need to exercise some caution. Your question suggests that you have in mind tales such as three hundred quid to change a light bulb. This resulted from late 90s and noughties PFI deals which (at that time) kept the capital costs of massive investment in infrastrcture off the public balance sheet. The Cabinet Office is currently looking at 'renegotiating' some of these contracts. Notwithstanding the magnitude of the changes in the Bill, in future we may see less of this sort of thing, rather than more.

And, finally, putting aside the 'privitisation of the NHS' criticism, it may well be that we don't see private sector providers getting stuck in, in a big way. In point of fact one of the big US private providers (Assura from memory but not sure) recently pulled out of the UK so the feeding frenzy which your question twinkles in the direction of may not come about.
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Thanks DMT for the links and information but I really need a video.
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