Book for boys.
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I'm looking for a boyhood book.

I remember checking out a book from the Venice (FL) library about 18 years ago that was called "A Book for Boys" or "A Handbook for Boys" that was full of sections like how to make a rabbit snare and how to skin a squirrel. I think it was printed in the early part of last century as it was sparsely illustrated in a very old style and seemed targeted towards kid who lived in the country.

It was definitely not the Boy Scout Handbook.

Does anyone have any idea what book it might have been?
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Could it be The American Boy's Handbook?
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If xorowo hasn't gotten it, try searching Bookfinder; here are the results for handbook boys (skip the first group, it's Boy Scout stuff), and then try other combinations.
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xorowo - that's the one! Thank you!
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Elsetimes if no luck, try here for book searches.
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How to Make the Knives.

The "cutters" of an Armed Kite to be attached to the tail are made of sharp pieces of broken glass called knives.

From a thick glass bottle, broken off below the neck, chip off pieces. This can be done with the back of a heavy knife blade or a light hammer. The workman cannot be too careful or cautious in breaking or handling the glass, as the least carelessness is sure to result in bad cuts and bloody fingers.

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And Blackies Boys Handbook, and a half dozen others. They were all the rage once upon a time.

Now we have TV instead.
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