How to fix corrupt fonts?
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Windows 7 sfc (System File Check) cannot repair certain files. What are my options (short of re-installing Windows)?

My Windows 7 Backup repeatedly fails with an error code that seems to suggest that certain files are corrupt. So I ran sfc /scannow. Part of the log (there's more) reads as below:

2011-02-26 14:16:25, Info CSI 000001c6 [SR] Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSxS\Manifests\\[ml:298{149},l:214{107}]"x86_microsoft-windows-f..etype-lucidaconsole_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_ff1d485cda0e640d.manifest"
2011-02-26 14:16:25, Info CSI 000001c7 [SR] Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSxS\Manifests\\[l:18{9}]"lucon.ttf"

I've tried copying the corrupt font from the installation disk, but I still get this message in the log.

Any suggestons? Or any suggestions about a failing Windows 7 Backup?

Would a reinstall (in-place or "upgrade" I think it's called) fix this?
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Delete and reinstall the font approach may work for you.
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Before you do anything you should do a disk check and see if you have any bad sectors. This could be a sign of a dying disk which means even if you fix it, it'll screw up in a much larger way in the near future.
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have you tried running a repair off of the windows installation disk? Maybe you can save your stuff from having to do a reinstall.

Also, corrupt files almost always are caused by Hard Drives with bad sectors. I would recommend running a Hard Drive Tester. Seatools is what I use at work to run hard drive tests on computers.
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...Also, corrupt files almost always are caused by Hard Drives with bad sectors.

Or by malware. Have you run an anti-virus check recently?
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OP: Thanks. Good suggestions. Did a disk check and then another sfc. Same files are corrupt. Yes: anti-virus run frequently and recently.
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