Help me find a shirt
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How could I find some exact duplicates of a Faconnable shirt that my wife and I like a lot? Would you get alerts on ebay? Are there vintage clothes sites that you would recommend. Is there a website at which I could post its picture? In general, if you know exactly what you want in the way of clothing that is a couple of years old, how do you find it?
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An eBay alert is exactly what you want for this.

It's a long shot, but you could try eBay's Want It Now.
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But when you make a saved search, make several, understanding that some people may use the name of the style, while most won't know it, etc. For example, you might have one search for Faconnable shirt in the clothing -> mens section, and just narrow it down by size (only XL, for example).

You'll get a lot of stuff in that saved search, but if you quickly glance through it every day you get an alert, you're more likely to more quickly get what you're looking for. And a second search for Faconnable "Snazzy Shirt" in L, XL, and XXL (so that if it is the right style you see it and have the opportunity to decide if you want it even if it is a size too small or too large)

You just have to split the difference between being so specific that you miss the thing you're looking for, and so general that you're overwhelmed by possibilities. That said, I pick up "that shirt" that fits my guy perfectly and isn't sold anymore every 3-4 months on ebay, so it does work if you're patient!
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Is it a style of shirt that you could have copied by a tailor?
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