You have dancing shoes with nimble soles.
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I've gotten super into Zumba, but wearing my clunky running shoes to class isn't working too well for me. What's a good shoe alternative?

The class is really fast-paced with a lot of rapid steps and turns, and I feel like my running shoes are inhibiting my ability to move. In particular, the soles are too rubbery and grippy to be able to keep up with all the spinning around we do.

Ideally I'd like something slimmer and with a more "slippery" sole but that still has some good cushion. The instructors have shoes that look (really) vaguely like these, though I'm sure these are not what they actually own.

Comfort, support, and soles are most important, looks and price are not factors.

Any ideas? Thank you!
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You might want to go a sporting goods store and try out some wrestling shoes and boxing shoes. They're made to be light while providing just enough grip to not slip on a floor.
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Best answer: I would recommend something like these. They're dance sneakers. Dance teachers wear them a lot.
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Kung fu shoes may be an option. I, personally, don't use them (they don't have room for my arch supports), but they are very popular in my kung fu class.
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While I was on the hunt for new running shoes i kept coming across reviews of people mentioning their love of these, specifically for Zumba. You can get 'em WAY cheaper at Probably elsewhere too. And I haven't experienced them-it was just very pervasive throughout my shoe hunting.
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+1 for Capezio Dansneakers (recommended by elpea). I learned about not wearing running shoes for aerobics the hard way -- seriously twisted my ankle and couldn't walk for days. Running shoes are made to keep you moving straight forward and prevent you from moving side to side.
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I'm with elpea as well. I either wear my dance sneakers or my jazz shoes to zumba class. If you want the more support and padding then go with the sneaker.
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Best answer: Nthing dance sneakers. A dance supply shop will have a nice selection of different styles. Be sure you try them on, as the sizing is different from sneaker sizing.
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Dance sneakers! You will be amazes how much easier the zumba moves feel. Bloch makes shoes with the widest toe box. Capezio makes the cutest. If you can find elastic laces, I highly recommend them to keep the shoe feeling tight.
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I bought these Nikes because I thought they looked cool but my Zumba taking friends tell me they're the best for it.
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Nthing dance sneakers. I use my Capezios all of the time, including at Zumba.
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Zumba instructors are taught that you should wear cross trainers to cushion your feet appropriately. Dance sneakers don't have enough support in the arch and jazz shoes are plain bad as they have no impact protection too.

When I was teaching zumba, I found Nike cross trainers the best, in particular the zooms.
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Oh, and sells their own in-house shoes but i can't vouch for them personally!
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Response by poster: I went to a professional dance shop on Saturday, told them what I was looking for, and they pulled out several different styles of dance sneakers and let me fuss around with them and ask lots of questions. I'm really glad I didn't try to order a pair online because the sizing did run very differently from street shoes and I would most definitely have been disappointed when they arrived.

I wound up with a pair of Capezio Rockits. I had a chance to try them out in class tonight and they felt great. Spinny, twirly, super fun. Thank you all for your help!
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