Help me find the male version of these cool ladies' shoes
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I want the male version of a category of cool Skecher-esque fashion sneakers that women have been wearing for the past year or two. Within that category I want the kind where the laces are just vestigial, decorative. Best examples here and here. Do they exist? Can't find.

I know exactly what I want in a casual fashion sneaker but don't know if it exists. There is a kind of cool, low-profile, futuristic-looking, fashiony, sometimes shiny, often gray/silvery, multi-material, knobby-soled, super-narrow sole at the arch snazzy sneaker that women have been wearing for a couple of years. Skechers has the most obvious examples but I've seen lots of different ones. Within that category is a kind that has laces, but they aren't actual functional shoelaces. They are spaghetti-thin stretchy cords and they don't tie - it's a closed loop, so it's really just decorative. The best examples are here and here.

I want the male version, maybe just a touch more butch. The first one above would be perfect if it came in a guys' model. In design, shape, laces, and color it's perfect. In women's Skechers, there are loads of them in a line called "Bikers" though that contains many that are more woman-shaped.

This is the closest I've found in men's. It lacks the all important vestigial laces, however, making it look naked. If this model had them, it would do.

That's as close as I can find. I can find the shape many places, but laced or strapped. Don't want tie laces, don't want straps. I've looked at zappo, yoox, adidas, amazon, kenneth cole, diesel, tsubo, tommy hilfiger, macy's, timberland, k-swiss, nike, salomon.

Take this one for example - right shape, great sole, material OK, but has tie laces.

Don't want jungle mocs a la Merrell, or Birkenstocks or Crocs, etc. Don't want women's version (probably couldn't find big enough anyway)

Nice thought, Merrell, but no. Right laces, wrong style.

Does my shoe exist? Where? European Mefites, maybe you've got something?
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Skechers is a knock off brand, and the first few you link to are definitely K-Swiss knock offs. You might start your search with that.
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These Ahnu shoes maybe?
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Some more.




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Seconding Tsubo.
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you really want some Royal Elastics
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Maybe something from Teva?
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Response by poster: Hey! The Ahnu shoes have exactly the right kind of lace setup. They're not otherwise quite the style/shape/design I'm looking for but the laces are right on. I'll look for more of those.

@essexjan, the first Skecher you listed is close. Still looks like regular laces tucked in though.
Your #2 and #4 (Tsubos) above are also close, but again with regular laces tucked in in the photo.

K-swiss - No, already checked.

Tsubo Pollux - No. (cheaters, tucking in the lace ends for photo)

Royal Elastics - No vestigial laces, wrong style/shape/design.

Teva - Those laces look close. Right idea. Otherwise style/shape/design isn't quite it.

Thank you everybody for finding things I couldn't. Keep it coming if you find more. Maybe I could find my own stretchy spaghetti laces, put them in one of these laceups, and tie them off in some way that doesn't show so that they become a slip-on.
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I don't know if these Go Laces things work or if they will ever come back in stock. But if you're looking to convert normal shoes, this looks like what you want.
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Response by poster: Awesome, @cmm. I was wondering how I'd pull off that proposed home stretchylace job. I'll look at getting some of those GoLaces and the related Speed Laces and try them on some shoes I already own. If good, then I can buy one of the close-enough pairs of shoes recommended upthread.
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I have a pair of the Sketchers Bikers with the elastic laces, and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. They are very light and don't cramp and pinch. I have big, wide feet, and even though the Sketchers don't come in wide widths, they fit just fine. Couldn't you just sort of forget that they're women's shoes and try on a pair? Drag them over to the men's side of the store to try on if you're self-conscious. :)
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Best answer: Skechers Orleans
GUESS by Marciano Hornet
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Response by poster: DING DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! Two, in fact. Thanks @healthytext! Looks like the Skechers Orleans is exactly the style. Looks like it may be a discontinued model that is still lingering some places. Gonna try to find my size/style somewhere. And the Guess ones are close enough to be winners too, certainly in the laces department.

Anyone else still following the thread, more suggestions are welcome going forward. I love this site.
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Response by poster: In case anyone finds this thread later, got the Skechers Orleans, which are awesome and which I wear every day. I also bought the Guess Hornets. They were the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn. They were almost impossible to get on and were so stiff and hard and had zero support. I ordered the next size up just to see but they were still awful. They were sooo good looking. I was tempted to keep them but just couldn't. Stay away!
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