Best Wiccan blogs?
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What are the most interesting, influential Wiccan sites and blogs?

What are the best, most thoughtful and popular sites and blogs in the broad Wiccan and neo-Pagan community? I'm not looking for introductory materials, I'm looking for what sites witches read.
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Best answer: Well, I can't say for sure how popular it is, but in my opinion one of the most thoughtful and comprehensive Pagan blogs is The Wild Hunt.

Another one which is frequently recommended (I think even in some Wicca 101 books) is The Witches' Voice. That has a lot of links to local groups and events.

Probably the blogs of the more famous Pagan writers, like Starhawk, are pretty popular too. Starhawk is also a panelist on The Washington Post's On Faith site.
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Back in my Wicca days it was all about The Witches' Voice. Though I find that the quality of the writing is not so great.

I also like this site, which hasn't been updated in a couple years, but debunks all the "fluffy bunny" stuff.
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The Wild Hunt for sure. The Pagan portal blogs at Patheos. Thorn Coyle's Musings-- note that Thorn is the head of her own line of witchcraft and related practices, and not Wiccan. While theyre not specifically Wiccan either, I also like In the Service of the Queen by Morpheus Ravenna and The North West Passage by Brendan Myers. There's also Pagan scholar Chas Clifton's Letter from Hardscrabble Creek, which is fairly well-known. Warriors and Kin covers issues faced by Pagans in the American military, which might be of interest to you.
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A friend of mine used to speak highly of the forum MysticWicks, but that was a while ago — I don't know how it is these days.
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Nthing The Wild Hunt!
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