Looking for user and designer friendly ecommerce software
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I'm looking for recommendations for ecommerce software that is easily customizable for a fairly code savvy designer which provides a very user friendly interface for my clients to add new items to the store.

I'm a fairly proficient and experienced designer, and an okay, self-taught coder. (For instance, I just designed and programmed my first HTML5/CSS3 site, mostly hand-coded.) But my previous forays into ecommerce have kicked my ass. I found the software poorly designed and hard to customize. I think it's because my former clients did not want to spring for good software, so I've told the new client that there will be some cost for the software and that I will provide them with some recommendations at a range of prices. They are a clothing distributor who will potentially be adding over a hundred items per week, so they need to be able to do that easily and I need to be able to make the front end look good, i.e. not like it came from a generic template.
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Best answer: You want to use Shopify.
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Foxycart and wordpress make a nice combo as well.
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There is no such thing as ecommerce software that is "easily" customizable and meets your other requirements, unfortunately.

But I suggest you use Magento.
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I've used Zen Cart for about 8 months. It's fairly easy to put new items on the store. I've done some minor customizing on mine, but lots more can be done, IIRC. The help forum is great, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks, chunking express, Shopify looks like exactly what I'm looking for!
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