Need a good wireless headset for a land-line
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Need a good hands-free, wireless head set for my land line at work. I'm on the phone all day at work, and for the past few years I've used the Plantronics CS-50, but there are a few things about this model that are annoying...

I love the fact that it's truly wireless, with no belt pack. The sound quality is good, and I can hear and be heard up to about 60 ft away from the base unit, but the headband is staring to give me headaches. I've tried the "over-the-ear" adapter that comes with it, but it's extremely uncomfortable. I've also their CS-70, which has a smaller microphone, but the battery behind the ear bothers me as well.

I see people on TV talking on really lightweight, over-the-ear wireless units, but I can't find them. Budget is about $200-$250 - any suggestions?
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I have the same model of plantronics headset, and can't stand the over-the-ear style. They do come in various sizes though, so you might want to try different sizes to see if it makes a difference.
There are also three headset styles I've seen, one that is placed on the back of the neck, one over the head with a padded hear piece, and over the head with no earpiece. None of them were perfect for me so I hacked the headset I have using wires to keep the head/ear tension to my liking.
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