Midwife recommendation in Vancouver, BC?
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Midwife recommendation in Vancouver, BC?

I did a quick search and actually could not find anything on this! I was wondering if anyone in Vancouver, BC, Canada had a midwife they really loved, or personally know of a great midwife? I live not far from the Midwifery Group on Main Street and was especially curious about them :) But I'm happy to investigate recommendations, too.

Many thanks in advance!
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I wish I could remember her name... It was 12 years ago.
What my wife and I did is interview 3 different midwives, from different groups.
Such luxury to get to choose!

While we thought they all were competent it was most important to get one who's natural tendencies are in line with your own. The last thing you need during a difficult birth is an argument with the midwife.

What I remember about the Midwifery Group 'place' was the cement floors. Some kind of painted faux clay finish. Sorry I can't be more specific.
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Surf on over to Fit 4 Two (click resources in the upper top right, then scroll down to health care providers.) Melanie, who runs F4T, is one of the most influential pre and postnatal fitness experts in Canada and you can take a lot from anyone she's listing there, as these aren't ads. She's one of my clients, but she was a friend before that and, actually, I met her when she was doing information sessions at public health drop-ins, so I hope no one sees this as a self link. I know many of the people/businesses on that resource page, as we were all in the same entrepreneur group for some time, and it's really a tight community.

If you're looking for something more immediate, Birth Fest is this weekend and that's another great place to meet many of these same people (and more) in person.
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Thank you both!

Ignorance - That's a good idea. I think I will interview a few myself (probably a good idea as I can imagine some places may not have room for me). Thank you for the advice, too. I will certainly look for the right fit :)

Acoutu - Birth Fest! I'll have to check that out! I'll also check out Melanie's other resources. It's good to know that people can recommend people they actually know! (as opposed to 'oh, I googled this and here you go.')
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