which vacuum would I enjoy?
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I'm in the market for a vacuum that uses bags and is inexpensive, reliable, not too powerful and not too big. Help me pick the right one.

I do not want a bagless vacuum because I've been battling a roach problem in my new apartment. I want whatever I vacuum up to be able to be immediately sealed off and disposed of, never to be seen again. I like the idea of bagless vacuums until I go to empty them and end up with a fine cloud of dust and filth flying through the air. Add roaches, and all that comes along with them (those of you who've battled the german cockroach know what I'm talking about), into the mix and... do not want. And yes, I am cleaning and treating the problem otherwise. I'm just really grossed out by the whole thing.

I have a 1 bedroom apartment with a few moderate-weight area rugs and bare floors. This is why I don't want/need a very powerful vacuum. Dysons are out of my price range as it is, but I've used those before and found them too strong for anything other than a really heavy area rug or carpet.

Not too big because I don't want it to take up a lot of space. And reliability because I like things that last for a while with normal use.

And finally, I would like this vacuum to cost under $200.

No preference as to whether it's an upright, stick, or canister as long as it meets the above requirements. Thanks!
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I have a Eureka Snaitaire that I purchased for my office for pretty much the same reasons outlined above (though it was dog hair, not roaches, that I needed sealed off and disposed).

It uses relatively small bags, is lightweight (you can carry it using the strap or drag it behind you on wheels), and has a nice, long cord. It was under $150. I'm a huge fan.
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I should add that I've been using it twice a week in a moderately-sized office (~1000 sq. ft.) for almost three years with no issues.
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This one is inexpensive, boring, lightweight, and gets the job done. I've had no problems with it.
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Riccar makes a fine product. Very simple, no weird plastics made in China, and last a lifetime.
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I'm sure there are a lot of good vacuums that meet your criteria, but the only one I actually enjoy is my Roomba. It's cute, it does all the work for you, and it's a freaking robot! I bought a remanufactured one for under $200 and it's worked fine for the last couple of years. I had one minor problem, sent the company an email, and the sent a new replacement part right out. It's not bagless, but emptying the bin is quick and easy, not a big dusty affair.
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We went back to bags, too. Picked up a Eureka model at Best Buy for about $150. We love it and will buy another one when this goes belly up!
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Forgot to mention: ours is an upright, not TOO heavy, has a hose attachment and a hardwood floors setting (vacuums from the bottom but the brush doesn't spin). We've had it for over 5 years with no issues.
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We're very happy with out Kenmore canister vac. We opted for a powered brush- I think the equivalent is this one, which is just a bit more than you want to pay. We've used it for several years and are still pleased.
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I am very happy with my Bissell Powerglide. Our volumes of dog hair and yard dirt (courtesy of the dogs) kill bagless vacuums, and this one has been going strong for quite some time now.
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Just said this in another thread... if you live near a Bed Bath and Beyond and get their coupons, you could get the Miele Olympus for $240. This is $40 above your target price range, but I do think it's a good vacuum. FWIW.
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I have the Eureka Pet Lover's Vacuum. Less than $100, small enough to store on a shelf, comes with a (little) rotating brush attachment that works well on area rugs, and the bags have a little flap that you can close to keep those ugly bugs inside. I've used it weekly for over a year and have been very happy with it.
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Seconding phunniemee with the Hoover Tempo. It has no gimmicks but is good at what it does. The Amazon reviews were very convincing in a Kevin Kelly Cool Tools kind of way. But we bought ours from Best Buy two years ago; they may still carry them in store. I also immediately purchased a large cheap bundle of replacement bags and a couple belts from Amazon to keep this guy ready for years to come. Some reviews claimed they had to replace the belt a few times but I haven't had a single incident. YMMV if you try to suck up rugs and the like.
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Late to the party, but thirding the Hoover Tempo. It gets the jobs done, and the attachments are actually effective, which makes me happy.
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