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Is there an equivalent plugin for Chrome that duplicates It's All Text for Firefox? I use a browser a lot to enter complicated text into things like wikis and I need a full featured text editor for Chrome. I currently use It's All Text which lets me use vim to do everything that vim can do to the text in a text box but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for Chrome.
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Mac or Windows? If Mac, checkout QuickCursor, which basically give you It's All Text for any text field, any application.
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Response by poster: No not Mac. Windows and/or Linux. Sorry I should have said that.
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Best answer: There is the TextAid extension which can launch an external editor, or the Edit with Emacs extension, which despite its name can be be used with other editors. Both require an edit server which can be obtained from http://opencoder.net/edit-server . I hope this helps.
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Response by poster: TextAid and edit-server for the win. Thanks!
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