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I want to to purchase a tacky-ish tube dress like you see at college football games in the south, but for a team in the north that definitely doesn't have anything like this commercially available, as a gift. Where do I get this done?

My wife and I went to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and once in a while we head back up there from Texas for a football game. We've been joking about all of the tube dresses we see here in Texas at college football games, usually paired with cowboy boots. Examples: University of Texas, TCU, and University of Oklahoma.

So, I need one that saying Dartmouth on it and in green. Where do I go to get this done? I see so many different types, I figure that there's got to be a multitude of people selling these, or there must be a way to custom make these.
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As is often recommended for stuff like this... I'd say etsy alchemy. This seems super easy for a regular sewer if you have a Dartmouth emblem/logo or something that you can give to them to add on to a simple green tube dress made to your wife's size.
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Are you at all crafty? If you can find a blank dress in the color you want, it's pretty trivial to stencil the logo on yourself using fabric paint and freezer paper. Here's a good tutorial.

(This is a really funny idea, btw. I grew up in the south and everyone I know has one of these hideous things. Make sure to pair with a red solo cup and a team-centric face tattoo, of course!)
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You could request a custom item from etsy sellers Game Day Dress or Score on Gameday or love my game day dress. there are a bunch of other sellers of "game day dresses" with a range of tackiness. (do you want lace on your tube dress?)
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To extend phunniemee's idea - check to see if that logo is printed on or is an applique. You could buy one in the right color, then buy a sweatshirt/towel/whatever for your Dartmouth team which has a logo the right size. Cut it off the sweatshirt and sew it onto the dress.
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Second the etsy alchemy request. These are really, really easy to do; we made them ourselves in college out of XL or XXL t-shirts. You can likely just send a Dartmouth t-shirt to someone and have them do it.
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Wow, I never noticed the tube dresses before.

Etsy Alchemy won't be of help anytime soon, unfortunately. However, you can still ask a specific someone on Etsy to do it for you. I've had several custom jobs done (teas and earrings) and never had a bad experience. Look for someone with decent feedback.
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Just popping in here to say that Etsy has disabled and is getting rid of their alchemy section.

So that's not a vaiable option.

Vespabelle has the right idea though, find an etsy seller who does what you want and ask if they do custom orders.
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This is amazing, everyone. I knew there had to be a place to get these kinds of things done - I'd only once delved into etsy and didn't even think to look there this time. Thanks!
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please post a picture when you get it done. this is a hilarious idea!
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Why not just buy a dress and iron on a transfer?
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i would just make it yourself out of tshirts. I've seen a lot of DIY-ones (or at least ones that look homemade) around my Texas college town, sigh.
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Depending on your size, you could get one of those XXXXL dartmouth sweatpants I've seen in the Dartmouth store and make two tube dresses out of the legs. Although only one leg usually has the logo...
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Going off of elpea's idea, I was... taken aback this fall to see hordes of coeds wearing big ol' t-shirts as dresses. They managed to work their arms and shoulders through the neck hole, and then brought it down to the tops of their chests. This made the top pretty much like a tube dress. The sleeves were tied behind their backs, I think. The bottom of the shirt was the dress. If looking like a silly college girl is what you're going for, an XXL Dartmouth t-shirt could do the trick.
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