Primary-Secondary School Teaching Jobs References Through Applicant: Is this Stanard?
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Is it standard for applicants to primary/secondary school teaching jobs to submit their own recs (US)?

A student wants me to e-mail him his recommendation. He is applying to middle school and high school positions all over the US. He says he needs the pdf because schools want him to submit the letter I wrote electronically.

That doesn't seem right. The way he worded it got me thinking.

Do schools expect job applicants to submit their own references? Or do schools allow letter writers to submit references for job applicants separately?

I am not interested in opinions about why I don't want to give him his letter, and yes, I plan to write him a good one.

I am also not interested in types of graduate and undergraduate school admissions. I'm only interested in job applicants, primarily for primary and secondary school teaching.

Thank you
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Yes, this is typical for teaching. My mother's carried around copies of her recommendations for teaching jobs for years as part of her teaching portfolio. Having searched for teaching jobs myself, I'd say there are some that ask just for references, but most want letters of reference attached with the application packet.
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Not just teaching either. Lots of jobs involve applicants providing letters of recommendation directly. It's a matter of administrative ease for the potential employer, as they get all of their documents at once.
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Phoenix, AZ: Yes, this is standard. I submit letters of recommendations with the applications when I complete them online, and am expected to have all materials present when I apply, otherwise my application won't be considered.
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Thank you all for correcting my misconception.
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Schools in WA will want not only said letters, but will still want you (the recommending party) to send in a "confidential reference form" that will go from the applicant to you to the district. Then they will want to call you at an absolutely inopportune time in the school year -- such as phoning your office during a holiday.
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