refreshments that don't leave crumbs and aren't sticky?
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Which refreshments can I serve that won't leave crumbs or sticky fingers?

I'm having a meeting in my living room, and a meeting's no fun (to me ;-)) without food. I have a bad back and there's no way I'm going to clean afterwards, so I'm looking for food that won't fill my couch with crumbs or leave it sticky. Any ideas?

(so far the only idea I've come up is carrot sticks and that seems sort of too-healthy-and-not-much-fun to me. not that there's anything wrong with carrot sticks per-se...)
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Cheese platter? Strawberries and chocolate?
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Cheese cubes. Pieces of cheese and salami threaded on toothpicks (or other things already placed on toothpicks - proscuitto wrapped melon? Bacon wrapped schrimp?). Sliced cucumbers, carrot chips, and red pepper strips with some kind of vegetable or garlic dip. Puff pastry bites like these ones from Trader Joes - Pillsbury also makes some that you can get in regular grocery stores.
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Different kinds of cheeses, cubed and on tooth picks. More effort, but very little mess. You could do the same thing with deli meat. Just ask the deli to slice the meat 1/2 inch thick, then when you get home you can cut it into cubes and insert the picks.

If you're going with sliced carrots, you could do a whole relish tray: cucumber, bell peppers, celery, etc.
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grapes, cheese slices with small bite sized crackers, mixed fruit (forks not fingers), unsalted mixed nuts
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Deviled eggs. Cucumber slices with cream cheese-y stuff on them.
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My boyfriend plays a bi-weekly poker game with some of his buddies, and "he" hosted last weekend. I made scones, these brownies (except with half goat cheese/half ricotta instead of mascarpone), and also had small dishes of walnuts and blueberries for them to graze on. The card surfaces and floor came out just fine. (They had plates to catch the few crumbs from the scones.)

If you bake, make those brownies. They look and taste really fancy and fudgy but are actually really simple to put together. And they also stay firm and aren't gooey or crumbly like other brownies. (Also, they're really good straight out of the fridge.)

But really, just make sure you give everyone a small plate and napkin and (unless you're meeting with toddlers) everything should be fine.
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along with the cheeses and the salty meat slices, olives and pickled yum could work too.
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Avoiding the crumbly/sticky makes sense, but keep in mind that if you serve people food in your house - especially standing people - someone's going to drop some of it. They just are.
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That said, I would find/make some smallish (one-bite) soft cookies. Crackers and chips are probably the crumbliest things ever, so I'd avoid those and provide saltiness some other way.
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Sushi is always a good time.
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There are two issues - spillage and residue.

Lots of foods leave little or no residue - dried fruits and nuts, crackers, chocolate below room temperature etc.

To mitigate spillage the key factor is doing one/both of the following:

1) Make sure there are bowls near everyone, or
2) Serve food that can only be picked up one at a time and is good for one bite.

For 1) if you really want to make things easy for you, then have central bowls of stuff and small, personal bowls for people to fill up. This is a really good resource for thinking about bite size snacks.

For 2) you have carrot sticks and other crudités, dates, larger types of nuts (brazils, walnuts etc).
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wow, great! Thanks for the ideas! I didn't think I'd get so many so soon.
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"Which refreshments can I serve that won't leave crumbs or sticky fingers?..."

A lot of NYC street push cart chow pretty much fills those requirements, while remaining mega-tasty. You can easily adapt some of the dishes suggested in the linked article for interesting party/meeting food. Some classics are:

Hot dogs.
Egg rolls, or spring rolls.
Jamaican patties.
Fried oyster rolls.
Chicken nuggets.
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- crudites with dips (hummus, red pepper, etc)
- almonds, various nuts (maybe some are honey glazed or tamari style?)
- grapes
- cheese, salami/other deli meat and pickles (with serving toothpicks/skewers)
- pita or flour tortilla wedges
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Wife provided snacks for an opening party at a furniture/antique store, and needed to make things with similar limitations, since we didn't want people smearing stuff on the expensive inventory.
She ended up making savory shortbreads (blue cheese with poppy seeds, and lemon-thyme), and quick pickles (pickled green beans, though carrots or cauliflower would work as well). There were also seasoned pecans (plain buttered, and curried).
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