Cairns - Tell me where to find the fun
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In a few days I'm moving to Cairns, Queensland. What cool and fun things should I look out for in particular to distract and amuse my toddler in our new environment?

Seasonal events and so on would also be good to know.
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Best answer: The Lagoon on the Esplanade is a lovely place just to hang out & to splash & run around. I'm sure he'll love it there, and there'll be loads of other local & visiting parents with kids his size for him to make friends with and go wild with. This is also **FREE**!!

Sugar World, but the slides are closed until December 2011.

Kuranda Steam train & Skyrail & the Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary.

There's loads of wildlife parks, such as Birdworld, Safari Reserve, Crocodile Park and so forth.

I was going to suggest the the Tjapuki Aborginal Culture centre which is great fun for kids, with story telling, boomerang/spear throwing, dancing, musics, painting etc & has a free kids program, but it is apparently aimed at ages 5 - 11 so that's not so good for you :(
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Best answer: My sister-in-law moved there with two small kids, and they loved the Lagoon and a free water playground called Muddy's.

She found the Cairns Regional Council website good for family-friendly recommendations until she learned her way around too.
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