Words with friends rule variations?
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Words with Friends rule variations?

Are there any standard rule variations that people use to play words with friends? For instance, only playing verbs or four letter words? If nothing standard, does anyone have any suggestions that might make for a fun occasional change up?
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A friend and I used to write "Scrabble stories" -- pick a genre for your tale, then every time someone plays a word, they have to write at least a paragraph on the story, and include that word. If you manage to make two or more words in your play, you have to use all of them.
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This is a sort of 'scrabble' game? My sisters and I used to play dirty word scrabble.
Good clean obscene fun.
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What themissy described as "Scrabble Stories" is a fun one, since it doesn't put any explicit limits on the types of words you can play (and forces you to creatively connect them to the story). Another fun variation is to not allow plays on TW squares.
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A friend and I have played with the rule that your play must play off of the previous play. Gets really sticky after a while, but it's been managed.
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