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Attending Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble outside of Woodstock, NY in April on a Saturday night with a group of eight and looking for recommendations on nice places in the area to stay for the night, eat before the show and have a drink after (+/- 11pm). I've never been to Woodstock and would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you.
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Joshua's Cafe is a great middle eastern/ mediterranean restaurant I've been going to for years in Woodstock. They have a bar area upstairs, too. The Bear Cafe out on the border of Woodstock and Bearsville is also really good, though I don't know how late they'd be open for drinks afterwards (Some of Levon's Rambles can go on for awhile, if everyone is into it that particular night) Oriole 9 is also excellent from what I've heard, though I haven't had a chance to eat there yet. Keegan Ales is a brewpub that I like in nearby Kingston, which is where you're most likely to find hotel accomodations. Can't help with you any hotel options beyond that, because I only live 30 mins. from Woodstock, so I've never had a reason to use a local hotel. Keep in mind that it is ski season in the Catskills and there are a fair amount of weekenders from the NYC area that flood the hotels throughout the winter.
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Woodstock is a really pretty town. I stayed at the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream a couple of years ago and it was lovely, close to the centre of town but with a lovely rural feel to it with the millstream.
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New World Home Cooking. Absolutely. It's out toward Saugerties but not a very far drive from center of Woodstock. I used to work there long long ago when it was in a different location but it's pretty damn amazing if you like Caribbean, Creole, New Orleans, Cajun and other spicy-ish, jerked stuff.
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