Android PAYGo That Doesn't Suck?
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I want a good Pay As You Go phone on the CDMA network. Suggestions?

PAYGo appeals to me. The phones do not. Currently I'm using an iPhone 4, but I have no qualms with switching to Android. However, the only Android devices that are offered on Virgin Mobile aren't very good.

• Good Camera.
• Good video. 720p would be ideal.
• Good processor.
• GPS.
• PAYGo on a CDMA network. I'm stuck in the middle of VerizonLand and don't have 3G GSM out here.
• Unlimited data.
• Unlimited text.

I don't need that many minutes, which makes the $25 Virgin Mobile plan ideal–I'd even be saving $5 a month–but their cell-phone selection is very poor.

So, in summary: PAYGo, Android, Good Camera, Affordable.
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Virgin Mobile's Optimus V is a wonderful phone which seems to fit your requirements.

Generally speaking, you can't bring your own CDMA phone to Virgin Mobile -- not even one from Sprint -- so if you want to use one of their plans, you have to use their phones. The Optimus V is the best of the bunch.
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Verizon has paygo plans, but their best phones are at the "feature phone" level, meaning they are nowhere near your requirements. eschatfische has named the best Android phone on prepaid CDMA already, so I'll just add my endorsement as a new and satisfied user of that phone and service.
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Right now there is a sale on the Optimus V that's been mentioned, saw it earlier today on a deals forum I go to and nose around sometimes, seems a pretty good deal. So good that it's currently backordered but you can purchase it anyways, seems you don't need the phone tomorrow. As follows:

- LG Optimus V phone (reg $149.99)
- Rocketfish [house brand] car charger (reg $20?)
- ZAGG screen protector (reg $20?)
- $25 Virgin Mobile top-up card

This is a pretty good deal considering most pay $150 for the phone plus $25 right off the bat to get it activated. You'll have to tack on $13.97 shipping unless you're Reward Zone Premier Silver in which case shipping is free. (It's possible that you can have it shipped to the store and pick it up free, not sure on that but I think you can.)

Bottom line--
Total: $181.94 + tax OR $167.97 + tax if you're Reward Zone Silver.
(or possibly shipped to the store free)
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Boost Mobile also uses Sprint's CDMA network and it looks like the Motorola i1 may work for you. I haven't used them before, only know the name since I've seen them sold in the Sprint stores I've been to.

I have an Optimus S which is the sprint version of the phone others mentioned above... no complaints with it, it's a nice little phone.
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