Alternative whiteboard in Canada
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I'm looking for alternative whiteboard solutions (like Whiteyboard) from a Canadian retailer. Any thoughts on where I can get something?

I was going to buy a Whiteyboard, but the shipping costs to Canada are crazy. Do you know of a Canadian retailer who I can buy an alternative whiteboard solution from?
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Try clear contact paper, available at most hardware stores. Most are backed with white paper, some even are gridded. Some brands have an undesirable textured surface so it doesn't hurt to bring along a dry erase marker to surreptitiously test a corner for erasability (the cheap smooth stuff tends to work out better).
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Is that removable? I live in an apartment and I don't think my landlord would appreciate the paint being scraped off the walls...
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Don't take the backing off the contact paper, just unroll it, cut off as much as you need and tack or tape it up by the corners like you would a cheap concert poster. It gives you a reusable, removable and easily transportable whiteboard-like surface.
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We bought white plastic shower surround panels (waterproof, plasticized panels that would be used to create a shower stall). We got them at Home Depot - so not at a specialty store. They're 4x8' - and easy to cut - and each one cost around $40 CAD.

Regular whiteboard marks work on them and they wipe off easily - and are easy to clean, too. We got the idea from this discussion. We have them in our kids' playroom.

You could either mount one/some to a wall (and fill the mounting holes when you move in the future) or you could lean one somehow. Or hang it somehow?
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I used to use a gridded flip-mat from Pazio publishing as a whiteboard that I could carry with me. It worked pretty well, takes wet & dry erase markers without trouble. The only problem is a the folds. >.> Yes I know I'm a geek for using a D&D product for physics.

If you need to mount things on walls without leaving marks then you want 3M Command Strips. They can hold up to 5 lb each depending on the size, and I've never had a problem with them leaving marks (I move a lot for work/school so I always have to be careful of the walls. I've never had any trouble with those things, either with them falling down or leaving marks.
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