Is dragging bugged in CorelDRAW?
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CorelDRAW X5 Bug/Feature: Sometimes, dragging objects will copy them instead of move them. What's up with that?

I think this has been happening in the last couple of versions, but I still don't quite know if it's an accidental key combination that activates this or if it's just a bug.

Here's what happens:

Normally, you can CTRL+Drag to contrain horizontal/vertical movement. You can right-click-drag to copy objects. Ctrl+right-click drag then is the way I usually quickly copy things that need to be aligned.

Now, sometimes, it all works differently. Suddenly, plain dragging without any key down will create a copy of an object instead of move it. Not consistently, though, wich leads me to believe it's a bug of some kind.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

(Running on Windows 7 by the way)
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Have you tried Shift-Drag?
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Best answer: I haven't used CorelDraw since CorelDraw11, so I apologize if this doesn't work:

Go to Tools/Options/Toolbox/Pick Tool and make sure "Traditional CorelDraw" is checked.

It's kind of convoluted, but you can also change shortcut keys in Options.
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Response by poster: Well, after more searching with the kind of settings you guys mentioned (thanks!), it turns out it is probably a bug concerning workspaces and the "Traditional CorelDRAW" setting.

Some people claim you can reset functionality by right-click-dragging somewhere and select "Move here". That didn't work for me.

Others claimed it's a weird result of having Windows and/or CorelDRAW running for a long time, possibly in relation to Logitech SetPoint software. In other words, reboot and hope for the best.

That last one worked for me: reboot Windows and it's very likely solved.
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