Subtitling Videos - Need Help!
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Need a simple subtitle solution for videos.

I have a few videos in FV4 format 90 minutes long that need to be subtitled. They'd then be uploaded to a private website and or burned on DVD. My job is to subtitle.

I tired using the Subtitle Workshop but it is tedious. What other options are there for me to use? Best if it were to be freeware - but if not - would go for something under 100 bucks. Would consider a video editor, if that's what it takes. But right now I need to get these puppies translated and subtitled. What should I do?
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Response by poster: correction - the vids are in M4V format - I've converted one so far to AVI - but am not sure if that's the best format to work in - will need your input on that as well. Thx
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Subtitle Workshop is really the best, IMO (I'm a subtitler). I don't find it tedious, but yeah. most people find the job of subtitling tedious, and I don't. Video editors are much worse for this kind of job, less straight forward, and then you are left with a format that is normally not easily translatable.

With SW, you create a text file with the time marks - then, in case you need your videos translated in a third or fourth language, the time marks are ready, and your only job is to translate. With a video editor, you'd have to time each subtitle over and over again. Besides, ProTools would be your choice -- much pricier than $100.
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Response by poster: Would it be better to first translate according to audio with the SW and then synch it or do it first with the video? Going with the video without the ability to see a timeline - frame by frame - like I'm used to is very hard to get used to. Any input on this much appreciated.
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Response by poster: Also - re SW do you find using the shortcuts easier - is there anywhere online I could find them? (I've looked....) thanks again
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