Freeloaders Live Fake Orgasm
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ObscureMusicFilter: I am trying to find a copy of a song by a band called The Freeloaders. The song was naughty. Hope me MeFites in finding me a copy of this!

In the late 90's I got a hold of mp3s from the long gone from a band called The Freeloaders. They had one album AFAIK, called Chocolate Fantasy. They were a ska/funk band, and I think they were from somewhere around Lansing, MI. I managed to get most of their songs recently except for one. For those really interested, I found a website with their entire album. But the song I want isn't there.

I don't know the name of the song I'm looking for, but it was a live performance where they were playing music and had a woman faking an orgasm in the background. The song started with someone in the band saying "Okay, here's your inspiration. I'm the plumber and your pipes need cleaning." Music started. A few moments later, a woman begins moaning. The song's pace and pitch increased until the climax, where the band stopped, woman kept going with her fake finish, and then cheering. Total time was probably around two minutes. The song I'm looking for is not their song "Porn Star," which starts out with that same classy 70's porno script.

I would like to get a copy of the song in mp3, CD, wav, or written bit by bit on a chiseled tablet made of marble. I had it on my computer roughly four computers ago, alas, I cannot find a copy again.
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According to that hideous, mind-crushing Downtown Brown website, Neil P. of Downtown Brown was also in The Freeloaders, so why not use the almost impossible to find "Contact" button to see if you can connect with said Neil P.?
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