How do you viewing photos on your tv from a burned DVD?
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How do you viewing photos on your tv from a burned DVD?

A few months ago I took some photos at a wedding vow renewal. The couple wanted to view the images on their tv so they put the burned disc I gave them in their DVD player. Only partial images came up; apparently about half the photo would load but that was it. I use Toast 7 Titanium to burn all my DVDs but have never "watched" any of the photos I've taken on my tv. When I burned the disc originally, I just used the "Data" tab. Should I be using "Video" instead?
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You should give video a try, see what happens. Usually that ends up in the photos being resized, but at least they'd be more likely to be viewable.

You might also check with the makers of Toast to see what they recommend for your workflow.

Other than that, maybe it's the DVD player...could be a firmware bug or limitation, especially if the images are unresized pics from a modern camera.
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Playing photos from a data DVD isn't part of the DVD spec; any ability to handle different image sizes, types, etc is down to extra functionality included in a particular brand and model. There is no 'standard' for this (well, there kinda is, but there's at least two of them, they're old, and nobody takes any notice of them anyway …).

Playing photos from a video DVD, however, is part of the DVD spec (as a slideshow). Trouble is, resolution is limited to 720x576(PAL)/480(NTSC), which is crap for anything other than TV viewing.

The usual solution is to create a video DVD with extra data - basically, a video DVD carrying the slideshow (for viewing on a standard DVD player) in the usual VIDEO_TS folder, and the original images as files in a separate data folder (for viewing on a PC).

The slight downside of this is that a DVD player that is otherwise capable of playing images straight off a data DVD probably wont see the data files, and will only play the standard-res DVD slideshow.

(An alternative method is to create a dual-mode video / data DVD (note, this isn't the same as sticking data files on a video DVD), but in my experience that's asking for a lot of trouble on both DVD players and PCs. Best leave it well alone…)
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iMovie can make a photo disc quite nicely for future projects (slideshow, transitions, music, etc)
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Er, maybe I'm thinking of iDVD. Its one of those!
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Yeah, iDVD can make a slideshow disc with added data. I thought it made a hybrid disc, but it turns out I'm wrong - v7.1.1 at least makes a bog-standard UDF DVD-Video disc, albeit with an auto-generated & potentially non-standard data directory named after the project (e.g. my test project ended up with 'VIDEO_TS", "AUDIO_TS, and "My Great DVD DVD-ROM Contents" folders). But, to do it in iDVD 7.1.1:
  • Open iDVD
  • Create your slideshow
  • Go to 'Advanced' -> 'Edit DVD_ROM Contents', and add your original pictures there.
  • Burn, or save the result as a disc image
That should give you a disc that plays downres'd slideshows in DVD players, but with the original-res images available for computers.

Personally I'm not that happy with a few aspects e.g. the auto-naming convention mentioned above - but it's a simple way of doing it. I did fiddle once trying to add additional directories to a DVD-Video disc with Toast 10, but I'm buggered if I can remember whether I was successful or not! I think not; istr I ended up doing the whole thing in DVDLab-Pro on XP…

(Note: I haven't checked the result for strict DVD spec compliance e.g. physical location of .IFO and .BUP files, etc., but it should be OK for most modern DVD players. Nobody except the mastering houses seem to give a damn about those aspects anyway - I've seen commercial DVD-Video discs that fail strict validation miserably…)
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