Weird nails
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Are my nails going to fall off?

I have a weird nail question. Last weekend, I buffed my nails with my new buffer, no biggie, I buff them regularly, and know not to press too hard etc.

A day or so later, I noticed small white patches had appeared on most of my nails, starting from the edge and streaking back about 1-2 mm into the nail. Today I noticed that the nail bed has become dark and discolored as far in as the white patches extend.

This freaked me out -- will my nails fall off? At the same time, it seems too trivial to dash off to a doctor, especially since there is no discomfort otherwise.

Possibly relevant details: I sometimes get mild eczema on my fingers, though have none at the moment. I also have uterine fibroids, and took a blood test for iron levels recently, but the results aren't in yet. The last blood test some months ago was normal. No previous problems with my nails, though they have been quite ridgy recently. My fingers haven't caught in a car door recently or anything.

So my question: could this be something I should worry about/ keep an eye on/ pester my doctor about, or did I simply buff my nails harder than I should have and caused trauma?
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Go see a doctor.
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was the buffer clean? You may have rubbed down too far.

I would annoint those nails with tea-tree oil and get them seen to if they don't improve.
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Not a doctor or expert, but have heard that nail problems can be symptomatic of worse things. Get it checked. Even if it is just a nail fungus or something of that sort, you don't want to let it go.
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Especially if it's just a nail fungus. Those buggers are darn difficult to get rid of.
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I agree with the others, no need to panic at all, but check with your doctor. Nail problems can indicate other problems, many of which are easily resolved, so don't freak out.
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If it does turn out to be nail fungus, give Oregano Oil a try. When I had fungus my doctor's two options were a very expensive antifungal creme, or oral antifungals which had significant side effects and weren't always effective. A little online searching yielded anecdotes about Oregano Oil, so I tried it and it worked for me (even though my nails were pretty far advanced.)

A note about Oregano Oil (if you decide to try it): The more constant you are, the more likely it will work. I slacked off for a while and the fungus came right back. It needs to be put on twice a day, every day, both on the nail edges and the top of the nails.
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