Puzzled by Elusiveness of Puzzle Game
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Looking for mid-90s Windows-based puzzle game.

I remember playing a computer game in the mid-90’s (we had a dinky computer with Windows 3.1 and I think the game came standard with it, not as part of some separately-purchased disc of games). It was a puzzle game where the object was to move a shape out of a box through a small opening. The trick was that the box contained a bunch of differently shaped objects (these were sort of Tetris-style, but more complex), so you had to shuffle them around in such a way that the main piece could get close to, and ultimately exit through the hole in the box. As the levels progressed the hole in the box got smaller and the difficulty of moving the shapes around inside it increased.

Other details I remember: The game was elegant-looking and colorful, and the graphics were good for the time (simple, but not all pixelly). I don’t think there was music, and I think the board was 2-D.

I would love to download a version to play on the Mac, or at least know what the game was called so I can reminisce more fully. Thanks!
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Klotski ?
posted by iconomy at 12:17 PM on February 18, 2011

Definitely Klotski, although your version may be related to Rush Hour. Previously.
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Ack! That's totally it. Thanks so much; I've been wondering about this for over half my life! Funny that in my mind it looked way classier--I guess my memories were just so fond.
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