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Updated for Spring 2011: Please recommend your most oblique, sideways, unsettling, and unusual dance music.

I love strange dance music. Not IDM or "electronic" music broadly, but music which blends the good, old-fashioned four-on-the-floor with unusually dark, avant-garde or kitchen-sink production techniques. Who should I be digging right now?

Some of my favorites:

In Flagranti - Brash & Vulgar
Discodeine - Homo-Compatible
Mr. Oizo - Z
Justice - Genesis
DJ Koze - All the Time
D.I.M. - Frogger
Autour de Lucie - Lent (Isolee Remix)
Robert Babicz - Battlestar (second half)

Again, the key word here is dance music - and I have a reasonably broad definition of dancing. I know all about the Max/MSP stuff like Autechre & co., but it doesn't interest me in this case: perhaps something more like what 1983-era Art of Noise would be making today. Thanks!
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I don't know if he's actually got stuff pressed but I like Δ Δ, especially his Ear Drums track. I've also been into Teengirl Fantasy lately. Different styles but might match what you're looking for.
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How about LFO's Freak? (actual song starts at 1:50, but the whole video is pretty worthwhile)

You discount Autechre, but earlier on they definitely did some dancier non-dsp stuff. E.g., Second Bad Vilbel is dark and hard noisy.

How about Pan sonic? Uranokemia
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Claude VonStroke. The track "Vocal Chords" from Bird Brains, tho all the tracks are good.
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Basically the entire genre of dubstep seems like it might be interesting to you - it isn't always 4/4, but it definitely has that dark, avant-garde feel you're looking for.


Burial - "Archangel"
Rusko - "Woo Boost"
Joker - "Stuck in the System"
Diplo - "U Don't Like Me (ft. Lil Jon)"
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