Anonymous IPs?
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I'm in need of several anonymous IPs. AOL DSL used to allow you to get many IPs that weren't tied to a specific region. For example, I want a way to get 20 ips that are not just : Same.Same.Same.Different Best would be : Different.Different.Different.Different, but anything in between would be ok. They must be broadband, but can be located anywhere in the world. Using a VPN to tunnel to the IPs is also fine. This sounds sketchy and illegal, but it's not. It's for my business, which has unusual requirements.
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Actually knowing what you are using them for would seriously help... there's a reason AOL DSL doesn't do that anymore, and there's a reason IP addresses are tied to regions and specific providers' networks. It all has to do with the way the internet is built. So let us know what you're going to be using 'em for, not that we distrust you or anything, and someone could probably give you a better idea.
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Your best bet might be to buy some shell accounts from various providers (they're really cheap nowadays) and use SSH tunneling for whatever traffic you need. You probably won't be able to use ports below 1024.

What are you trying to do? What exactly are your "business requirements"?
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