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I saw (and actually bought) some business cards and now cannot find the site. They were hip, modern, retro: there were various designs that you could choose from, and had stars, a girl with a gun, coloured squares, and others. Anyone?

My credit card records (or PayPal) don't turn up anything that has pinpointed the website.

If the card was vertical, the coloured/design part of the card took up about 3/4 of the card, leaving a white stripe at the bottom for the name, address, etc. Here were the designs I remember:
-- coloured background with coloured squares/circles - kind of yellow, blue, green, maybe red
-- star/asterisks
-- a retro print of a girl with a gun
-- a retro print of a 70s style disco dancer
-- possibly even stripes.

If this doesn't ring a bell, does anyone have a great, cool, business card website? Not really horrible laser-light prints, but I do want something more than just the name on a piece of white paper. The horrible designs our there are hurting my eyes. Thanks!
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Was it StreetCards?
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Response by poster: Nope, not it. It was a US-based, very small design studio. The name on my credit card is possibly Andrea Regnier, but that's not coming up with any hits. I remember that her full name wasn't on the actual company site - it was just a small, very cool, print studio.
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i guess you might have tried this, but this search gives you page after page of business card images. i just looked through them all(*) and didn't see what you described, but i may have missed one.
* - i was curious what designs are out there. it's amazing how many are, imho, terribly ugly
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Response by poster: Yeah, I tried that, with many variations on the name. Some are so ghastly that it's kind of funny to think of some dude handing them out at a conference.
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Maybe you'll find something in one of these older questions?

This does remind me, I need some new cards too... ugh.
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Response by poster: I FOUND IT AFTER MONTHS! Sorry for yelling, this is just exciting. They're probably not for everyone, but for a recent grad present they're perfect. The other threads had great links as well - lots to choose from. Sorry to waste everyone's time. Here is Coco-Pink, the long lost business card website!
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ooo. like the camo.
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